Unworkable, Theatre in Health Performance

Working with Community Vibe CIC, funded by the Arts Council, I will be writing and performing in this exciting new play; research consultations take place March 31st, contact me for further details, performances in September, venue tbc and October, World Mental Health Day at The Chamber of Commerce

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The Many Faces of Louise Stokes


Below are all of my current publications. I’ve always got a couple in the pipeline so keep checking back. There are links to purchase the books if you would like to. Go to the bottom left of this page to read some excerpts from my books.

A journey through bullying using poetry as the guide. marooned is the compelling story of one woman’s survival.

Cost: £3.00
ISBN: 978 1 904552 19 2

Available from Kateshill Press

The Forts of Kimmy Sue Anne

Kimmy Sue Anne, from the rough, tough streets of Dudley’s Kates Hill, overlooked as it is by the town’s ancient castle, waxes lyrical about her love of ancient military edifices.

Cost: £3.00
ISBN: 978 1 904552 22 2

Available from Kateshill Press


Nicola Goff (the goth)


Great Uncle Dirk o't'Dea


Kimmy Sue Anne


Pamela Mary Crabfish


Roz Coalstead (Nan)



  • Semi-finalist So You Think You’re Funny? 2008
  • Short-listed for Semi-finals, Nivea Funny Women Awards, 2008
  • Finalist Gong Show Heat, Fun House Comedy Club, Derby
  • Amused Moose Contestant 2008
  • Quarter Finalist Laughing Horse New Comedy Act 2009
  • Regular weekly winner of variety category, twice quarter finalist 1click2fame talent show
  • Jongleurs FMH newcomer


  • Laughing Cows
  • Laughing Calves
  • Laughing Lasses
  • Laughing Horse
  • Funny Women
  • Journey Central
  • Pear Shaped
  • Mirth on Mondays
  • Mirth Control
  • Kitchen Garden Café
  • Cheeky Monkey
  • Half Moon Comedy
  • The Glee Club
  • Jongluers

      • Edinburgh Fringe
      • Birmingham Comedy Festival
      • Leicester Comedy Festival
      • Bath Comedy Festival
      • ArtsFest

This a powerful novel of self discovery which explores the pressure to comply and the spirit of individuality, and culminates dramatically as the two clash and only one can prevail.

Cost: £8.00
ISBN: 978 1 904552 30 7

Available from Kateshill Press

Conversations with the Family of the Grotesque


Meet the whole family... Kimmy Sue Anne, Nan, Great Uncle Dirk, Nicola Goff, Pamela Mary Crabfish, Celestine, Arthur Striner Turner and Jean-Stefan de le Broadbean d’Urse au Mange Tout.

Cost: £3.00
ISBN: 978 1 904552 27 7

Available from Kateshill Press

Aks Me


by Kimmy-Sue Anne I was watching a programme Bout Astrophysics I think it was interesting It was bout science and religion And power and politics And things Galileo…he was innit, innit I thought he played with Queen But apparently he lived long time ago ’Fore T.V, even, know what I mean? It brought up lots of questions That I really wanted to aks But I couldn’t think of any Perhaps there were too many But I enjoyed it anyway Cos I learned a new one of me words It’s fine and wicked and phat and sick… It’s BioNuclearConspiracyAstrophysic


I have written and perfomed many plays with various groups, as well as my own one-woman plays. As with everything that I do the theatre work always has a key underlying message for health, education or community and aims to raise awareness of a variety of issues.

As well as working freelance I work with other theatre companies. You can see us in costume in the photos to the right.

nine cover


Nine is a collection of nine short stories, each one looking at a different aspect of the human condition, from the depths of despair to the heights of ecstasy, from the very best to the very worst in human behavior.

Cost: £7.00
ISBN: 978-1-906357-35-1

Available from Poetry Montly

Measure for Measure 1

You See

by Kimmy Sue Anne What’s all the fuss bout food then? You is hungry, you does eat somat, innit? Why is you only supposed to eat stuff wot don’t taste nice, cos if it does then it must be rubbish…who thought that one up then, ya get me?

Feeling Better

by Louise Stokes If hadn’t been There Then I wouldn’t be Here And if I wasn’t Here Then Where would I be?

Left: Image taken from Measure to Measure with Rogue Play Theatre Company. Visit their site at www.rogueplay.co.uk.


Community Vibe is a one stop arts company catering for all needs, providing positive arts projects that can make an impact on social change and promote diversity.A main aim is inclusion into arts for those groups who can often be excluded for whatever reason; age, disability, social background, health etc. Community Vibe is run by Rachel Green. Check out the site for clips, blogs and lots of other stuff.


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